Feathercoin (FTC) is a PoW coin and is minable using the NeoScrypt algorithm. Feathercoin is currently worth $ 0.01 per coin.


Last updated 5 hours ago
Price per FTC in USD $ 0.010852700791972
Price per FTC in Bitcoin 0
Volume over the last 24 hours $ 1,422
Market cap in USD $ 2,567,752
Change in % over the last hour -0.4520172
Change in % over the last 24 hours -0.4481796
Change in % over the last 7 days 0.39020769
Block chain updated 3 hours ago
Block height 5271630
Difficulty 21.555073040998
Current supply 279510778.00773

FTC specifications

Name Feathercoin
Symbol FTC
Minable Yes
Algorithm NeoScrypt
Prooftype PoW
Block explorer FTC block explorer

Feathercoin price history